Youji Cheng

"Escaping from work is indeed a luxury. Millennial scientists don’t really have work-life balance. We’re the generation that pays 3 times more rent compared to our parents during our scientific training while working our ass off to pay our debt. A PhD is not the minimum requirement for professorships anymore, one postdoc might not be enough, but can we even survive our mental health to finish more than one postdoc? In our spare time, we worry about how robots and climate change are going to destroy our planet. I’m privileged that my boss has worked for big names like Richard Bader and John Polanyi, but how many of us would have that kind of opportunities? I can only see work; otherwise I don’t have a life in the future."


Youji Cheng, Founder and Content Strategist of Scientists of the Maritimes, Alumnus of Mount Allison University, Research Fellow and Computational Chemist at Mount Saint Vincent University and Saint Mary's University Halifax, and also a human being with a history of anxiety disorder and panic attack.

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