Dr. Paul Corkum

“A short laser pulse can develop temporal sub-structures that lead to remarkable laser beam stability. When one of the modern lasers like this fires, God has to stop and think about what to do.” 

Photo credit: Joint Attosecond Science Laboratory (JASLab)

Photo credit: Joint Attosecond Science Laboratory (JASLab)

Originally from Saint John NB, Dr. Paul Corkum obtained his B.Sc. in physics at @Acadia University before completing a M.Sc. and a Ph.D in the US. He developed 2ps short pulse laser in 1980s, which established the ground for Dr. Donna Strickland’s work that won the @Nobel Prize in Physics in 2018. Dr. Corkum also worked with Dr. Strickland together on short pulse self-focusing laser at @National Research Council in Canada, and they co-authored 2 papers in 1990s.

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