Dane George

“My interest in data stems from previous work as a residential energy auditor. I was responsible for creating hundreds of home energy models to predict energy savings associated with efficiency upgrades. However, my job was limited to the creation of the models; I never had the chance to follow-up and verify energy savings after the work was complete. This led me to a master’s research project with Dalhousie’s Renewable Energy Storage Laboratory.”

“Now, as a research associate at NSCC’s Applied Energy Research Lab, my work is focused on the collection and analysis of energy data. The lab provides the perfect balance between data analysis and hands-on tasks. We experiment with real products and services for a variety of partners, including government agencies, private industrial partners and community organizations. Our multi-faceted team offers solutions to all sorts of energy-related challenges.”

“Currently, I’m working with a team of computer scientists to develop a database of solar electricity production data for Nova Scotia. This project shows lots of potential. It could one day be used for forecasting, education, and research purposes.”

“Working at NSCC has been a great way to continue to pursue some of my personal and career-oriented goals. The lab’s work is driven by outside relationships, meaning that each project has a useful application. My main wish is to continue to work in the energy management industry in meaningful ways.” 

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Born and raised in Prince George BC, Dane George has been living in Halifax since 2005. He completed an undergraduate in civil engineering and master’s degree in applied science at Dalhousie University. He currently works as a research associate in the NSCC Applied Energy Research Lab and teaches part-time at Saint Mary’s University.

For more information regarding Dane’s work or questions about the NSCC Applied Energy Research Lab, please visit their website.

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