Our Mission 

The pursuit of knowledge and innovation is propelled by the creativity and dedication of the members in our research community. Traditionally, new advances are rarely distributed using methods that are accessible and comprehensible to undergraduate students and the public. Unfortunately, Atlantic Canada is not exempt from this phenomenon. Thus, the Atlantic Student Research Journal (ASRJ) was created upon the interest that students express toward research and to provide an engaging platform that breaks down the requisite knowledge barrier that is found in most academic journals.

The ASRJ is a student-led organization that hosts an online platform for students who are at the cusp of their interest in research and the academic field. The ASRJ serves to connect students to local research in a meaningful and beneficial way. This is accomplished by working alongside them as they venture into the research field and write peer-reviewed articles expressing cutting-edge topics at a comprehensible but enlightening level. Additionally, volunteer opportunities, a researcher directory, jobs and featured academic events are all accessible using the online platform. Ultimately, this initiative aims to advocate for local research, encourage students to engage and commit to Atlantic Canadian provinces, and develop a more inquisitive and knowledgeable society.