User Research Analyst (Family/Informal Caregiver) - ServUS Health

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User Research Analyst (Family/Informal Caregiver) - ServUS Health

Posted by: New Brunswick Health Research Foundation, Center for Aging+Brain Health Innovation (Ontario), University of New Brunswick, and ServUs Health

Supervisor/Primary Investigator: Vikram Devaguptapu, Founder of ServUs Health and Dr. Dhirendra Shukla, Chair at J Herbert Smith Centre at UNB

Start and Finish Dates: September 3rd to January 2nd (16 weeks)– 40hrs/week. Or September 3rd to May 2nd (32 weeks) – 20hrs/week. Should be able to work in combination of 20hrs/week and 40hrs/week depends on the work load. Exact dates are to be determined

Expected Number of Hours per Week: Full Time (16 Weeks), Part Time (32 Weeks)

Expected Income: $10 000 Stipend

Position Closing Date: August 28th, 2018

Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick

Position Description:

Assistance with executing the tasks for the research project. We are developing an evidence-based software platform, called ServUs, that makes easy for older adults and their family members navigate through to senior-friendly resources, government programs, as well as access to care professionals and service providers. ServUs platform will improve care-coordination with family, friends, and relevant health care professional team with a direct chat application and is capable of delivering desired information and resources to the end users’ fingertips.

Position Requirements:

  • Candidate should be able to base in Fredericton or willing to relocate.
  • Have education in Engineering, health related field, business disciplines.
  • Demonstrate genuine interest in all three fields - technology, health care, and business
  • Street smart and confident in sharing our work with people.
  • Experience in writing and demonstrate the same through past work.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Identify the research subjects through our pilot partners.
  • Distribute and explain the consent form and pretest questionnaire to the people who are interested in participating the research project and collect the signed and filled documents.
  • Demonstrate software to the enrolled users.
  • Gather and document the users feedback during demonstrations and at other informal conversations.
  • Distribute post-test surveys questionnaire to the research subjects and follow-up to collect the filled in questionnaire.
  • Request for a Personal Interview during or after the end of testing period.
  • Based on the feedback, suggest continuous software improvements to the developers.
  • Write and improve quality of existing user guide documentation and test ServUs software.