Data Visualization Competition

When: November 22, 2018 

Where: UNB Wu Centre

Prizes: Valued between $250-$1000



The Data Visualization Competition allows participants to tell a data story through data visualizations, using their creativity and imagination. Featuring data from sectors of government and the private sector from across Canada, this competition will consist of developing an infographic poster and data story presentation which can be used to communicate an insight, story, recommendation, or new idea. This challenge will highlight the benefits of data visualization, including identifying potential improvements to government services or procedures. This can allow for better decision-making and more varied solutions to problems that span a wide range of social, environmental, and economic topics.


The Data Visualization Competition is open to all students or community members looking to solve problems or simply demonstrate their analytical skills using data. Each applicant can register either individually or in teams consisting of several members. Each team may only submit one data story presentation and one infographic. Teams are required to have personally created and delivered the data visualization story-presentation and prepared the infographic themselves. 

For more information please contact International Business and Entrepreneurship Centre at 506-453-4557 or