Nobody Likes to be Bored - Workshop on Effective Presentations in Research


March 1st 1-4pm

On March 1st, from 1-4pm The Atlantic Student Research Journal is very excited to be working our partners, AGEWELL National Innovation Hub, and the Graduate Students Association to build a half-day workshop examining how to make effective presentations for science and research topics. 

The intentions of the workshop are to teach how to build effective presentations by learning how to communicate your work understandably and using concepts of Knowledge Translation. 

By Working with the AGEWELL National Innovation Hub, this workshop combines experience working with knowledge translation for government, and knowledge translation to students into a comprehensive program examining how to get your audience interested and engaged in your presentation. 

The Graduate Student's Association is putting this workshop on as part of their workshop series promoting the Graduate Research Conference upcoming in March. 

This exciting workshop is capped at 30 participants so make sure to register quickly! 

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