Lua Samimi


Master of Science Candidate in Global Health, McMaster University

Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, University of New Brunswick

Sir Howard Douglas Award Recipient

Lua Samimi

In 2018, Lua completed her Bachelor of Science in Honours Biology at UNB Fredericton. Through her undergraduate degree, she had the opportunity to get involved in the research community, both on campus and internationally. At UNB, her honours thesis explored the complex consequences of metformin treatment and glucose starvation on a cancer cell line expressing both adherent and circulating tumour cell types. As a Queen Elizabeth Scholar, she was able to join a local research project in Malawi on the prevention of mother to child HIV transmission. This experience led her to develop a strong interest in global health and research ethics.

To explore this passion further, Lua is currently pursuing a course-based Masters in Science in Global Health in the Netherlands through McMaster University. Her research interests include malaria control in Low and Middle Income Countries, global psychiatric care, and maternal health.

In her spare time, Lua loves to travel and learn about new cultures, try new foods, and meet new people. She also enjoys writing. Last year, she was able to bring her interests in writing and global health together through the publication of an article on malaria in UNB’s Brunswickan paper.