Detailed Information about Dr. Carretero

The Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory (RAM Lab.) at UNB is currently working on development, design, and application of parallel manipulators (PMs) as well as the tools to analyze and design them. As opposed to serial or anthropomorphic manipulators, PMs are manipulators with multiple kinematic chains joining the base to the end effector or tool.

The RAM Lab is interested in actuation, kinematic, and other types of redundant PMs. Lately, we are focussing on redundant cable-actuated PMs as well as hybridly (both cables and rigid chains) actuated manipulators. Amongst others, we work on the design and application of novel extensible actuators in order to develop novel high-speed pick-and-place robotic manipulators.

Other current RAM Lab projects include a hydrodynamically actuated underwater robotic arm to be used as a UUV launch and recovery system from a submarine as well as novel control strategies for robust bipedal exoskeletons.