A Letter to Our Readers

Dear Readers,

What is the Atlantic Student Research Journal?

The Atlantic Student Research Journal was born from a need to provide scientific news at a level above that of local news stations, but more engaging than pure scientific literature. The goal of the ASRJ is to provide interesting, educational articles regarding local health-related research.

As an organization, we work in a transparent manner directly with researchers to ensure all our articles meet the standard set by the researcher and/or the student. We begin our process by contacting a researcher to express interest in their work, and if the researcher is willing to collaborate with us, we will then begin writing an article. Once the first draft of the article is completed, it is edited by our team of student volunteers. The article is then sent to the researcher for comment and further edits. After changes are made it is sent back for approval. When final approval is received from the researcher, the article has completed our writing process and is ready for publishing.

This process is important to us because not only does it allow for an open conversation, but it allows relationships to be built with the researcher, and for interested students or readers to connect with individuals in their field of interest.

This method of knowledge translation and dissemination allows for students to gain a better understanding of the work that is done locally, promoting staying in Atlantic Canada and the revolutionary work that is done that often goes unnoticed.

The Atlantic Student Research Journal was created after sharing a conversation about our personal experience trying to learn and get involved with research around our university.

Join us in our adventure as we explore the local health research environment in Atlantic Canada by following our articles, joining our team, or working with us to discover research in Atlantic Canada.




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